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CHOOSING a name for your baby is a huge decision for any parent to make – not only do you want to love the moniker you choose, but you want your little one to be pleased too.

While many parents will go down the traditional route when they choose a name for their child, others prefer to give their child a name that’s slightly more unique.

One woman has taken to Reddit to reveal that not only was she was named after an iconic Disney character, but she absolutely hates her name. 

The woman, whose name is Ursula, took to Reddit's NameNerds forum to reveal her thoughts on her unique name.

While she revealed that she wasn’t a fan of her Disney-inspired name, she asked Reddit users for help in coming up with a nickname to be called instead.

The name Ursula is said to mean 'little bear' and is derived from a form of the Latin word ursa, meaning 'she-bear'.

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The name has been used throughout history but is commonly associated today with the sea-dwelling witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

However, the woman wishes she could be called something "prettier" and hates the nicknames that come with the unique name. 

In her post she explained: "My name is Ursula. I really hate it… 

“I want to find a nickname for it besides Uschi or Sully.

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"Something that's pretty sounding and but maybe not too young? 

“I'm thinking Ulla might be nice, it kind of sounds like Ella, but then I feel like people will mispronounce it a lot/think it's too weird. Suggestions?"

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Reddit users were left divided at the woman’s post – while many loved her name, others shared their nickname ideas that she could use.

One person said: "Would you prefer going by your middle name? Lots of people naturally transition to using it if their first name just doesn't feel right."

Another commented: "Wasn't the name of Phoebe's sister (on Friends) Ursula?

"Maybe your nickname should be Phoebe, the good sister lol."

A third added: "How about just go by the end of your name- Ula? (Ooh-la).

"I know a woman with this name and I think it’s really simple and pretty."

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Someone else wrote: "Have you considered Susie? It’s pretty classic/timeless. The su sounds aren’t quite the same, but I feel like you could get away with it.

"Ulla is nice too! It’s something different in a sea of Ellas."

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