New bedtime story app helps children fall to sleep 20 minutes quicker thanks to calming beats and sounds

But if you’re not one of the lucky ones whose children drift off to sleep without so much as a peep, you may want to download a new audio app designed for troublesome sleepers.

Moshi Twilight Sleep is a new bedtime app that mixes softy-narrated stories, beats, and melodies to lull children into a sound sleep.

And the results so far are seriously impressive with parents in both the US and UK singing its praises.

Over 70 per cent of parents say their children fall asleep 20 minutes quicker listening to the stories of Moshi and his friends.

One British mother said the app helps her eight-year-old daughter drift off in "5-10 minutes", while another added that it gets her two children to sleep by 8pm.

The chairman of the children’s app company, Mind Candy, Michael Acton Smith said: "We understand the challenges faced by millions of parents every day in getting their kids to sleep.

"Our Sleep Stories have been created to support bedtime routines alongside the traditional bedtime story, to be played once children are ready for lights out, to calmly lull them off into a peaceful sleep."

The app is free to download on Apple or Android devices, but parents can pay a £5.99 subscription per month to access extra content.

Meanwhile, sleep expert and physiologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan said: "The Moshi Twilight app can help to settle children and create a greater sense of peace and inner safety when used as part of a regular bedtime routine."

How can you encourage your children to sleep in the daylight?

Teaching your child that darkness means bedtime will set you up for disaster when it comes to summer, as an early bedtime is bound to take place in the light.

Encouraging your children that bedtime occurs at a particular time rather than when it gets dark will help them understand that sleep must happen between particular hours.

Investing in black out blinds or curtains is the best way to ensure your child won't wake up during the sun rise, as well as avoiding screen time and artificial lights when they are awake.

Finally, just as you would with yourself, don't break routine – but if you find them rising as the sun comes up, try shifting bedtime later or adjust any nap times.

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