New #GirlsW***Too campaign celebrates female masturbation… and they want YOU to party with them this Friday

The movement is coming from The Pink Protest organisation and it’s called #girlsw***too.

Despite the fact masturbation is standard locker room for many men, for some reason there’s still a bit of a stigma around women admitting they enjoy pleasuring themselves.

But The Pink Protest is hoping to bring the taboo into the norm with their #girlsw***too movement.  

The campaign is launching this Friday with an event in Notting Hill, west London.

It’s clearly in big demand – tickets to the event (which were £5.83) have already sold out.

The Pink Protest is described on its website as ‘a community of activists committed to engaging in action and supporting each other.’

It was founded by Sunday Times Style columnist Scarlett Curtis, Riot Girls’ Grace Campbell and artist/illustrator Alice Skinner.

In a Tweet about #girlswanktoo, Grace Campbell said: “In spirit of talking about things that make my dad uncomfortable, our next project @pinkprotest is #girlswanktoo, an ongoing movement dismantling the stigma which surrounds female masturbation.

“We’re kicking off with an event in West London 15th June.”

The #girlswanktoo launch event promises lively conversation about female masturbation, with the aim of demystifying it.

Topics will include: how we came to masturbate, how it enhances mental health, and the relationship women have with their bodies.

Plus, audience members will be invited to share their own masturbation stories.

The event is not just for women, though.

The Eventbrite listing clearly states it’s an inclusive event, open to ALL genders.

There will also be a ‘w***bank’ at the event… but it’s not what you might think.

They saucily named attraction takes the form of a video diary room where guests can tell their own stories about masturbation.

Don’t worry, it’s all confidential.

Another highlight of the event will be the art gallery. 

Here, a selection specially curated artwork for the #girlsw***too movement will be on show.

The Pink Project’s aim is to make activism fun and accessible.

It previously founded the #FreePeriods movement, in a bid to end period poverty in the UK.  

The organisation promotes the causes it supports through its weekly Instagram series: ‘On Wednesday's We Wear Pink and Protest’.

Each week, the series highlights one action followers can take to start their mission as an activist.

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