New mum fumes as husband sends near-nude snap of her giving birth to his EX – then he accuses her of being 'dramatic'

A NEW mum is fuming after her husband sent private photos of her to his ex-partner just after she'd given birth to their child.

The woman said you could "practically see everything" in the near-nude snaps and she felt "exposed", so she was really "upset" about it.

But when she told her husband how she felt, he accused her of being "dramatic" insisting his ex, who he has three kids with, has "seen it all" so it "doesn't matter".

The woman took to Mumsnet for advice as she was left feeling really "annoyed" as her husband couldn't understand why she was so upset.

She explained that things are "friendly enough" between her and his ex, but they "don't speak much" and it can be awkward at times.

Her husband'd kids wanted to see their new half-sibling so he sent their mum the snap.

She wrote "He decided to send her a photo just after I'd given birth and you can practically see everything, breasts out etc.

I feel so exposed though and really upset about it.

"I'm annoyed with him. He thinks I'm being dramatic and she's a mum who's given birth and 'seen it all before' so why does it matter?"

The woman added: "I feel so exposed though and really upset about it.

"I'm quite shy as it is and just think he was so wrong to send that kind of picture to his bloody ex?!

"I don't mind pictures being sent, I really don't, but not such an exposed one."

The new mum received a flurry of responses from people who took her side and agreed that her husband was out of line.

"I would be mightily annoyed off he sent that pic to his ex without your permission," one wrote.

Another said: "What? He sent a picture of you, post birth, with boobs out, to his ex?

"Why? Why not just a picture of the baby? Or if you're in it too, one where you've got your dignity?"

And asked "Is he trying to make a point to her or something?"

A third slammed: "This is a horrible invasion of your privacy by someone who you would expect to protect and guard your privacy.

"I would feel extremely betrayed, he's put you on display as if you are a trophy."

But some argued it was an "easy mistake to make" and that perhaps the husband "didn't study the background properly".

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