Olivia Culpo, Bella Hadid & More Celebs Rocking Tennis Shoes With Their Mini Dresses

Who doesn’t love looking cute while being comfortable? We know celebs like Olivia Culpo and Bella Hadid sure do! Check out pics of stars rocking sneakers with their short dresses!

We’ve come a long way since Demi Lovato asked, “Who said I can’t wear my Converse with my dress?” in her 2008 song, “La La Land.” For one, that title is now more easily recognized in connection to an Oscar winning movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. But in the decade since Demi’s Disney days, wearing sneakers with dresses has transformed from a fashion faux pas to a fashion statement.

From top models like Bella HadidKendall Jenner, and Olivia Culpo to stylish actresses like Camila MendesSelena Gomez and Selma Blair, pretty much everyone has adopted the tennis shoes with mini-dresses look. And why not? Heels aren’t comfortable! Let’s stop pretending they are! Abolish heels! Replace all footwear with knock-off Yeezys! (Unless you can actually afford real ones like the stars, but let’s be real – they ain’t cheap.)

But beyond the comfort factor, rocking sneakers with dresses is a perfect look for anyone who loves athleisure but also appreciates the freedom of not wearing pants. You look dressed up and ready to take on the day – but your footwear actually lets you make it the whole way through without collapsing at 6 p.m. into a puddle of pain.

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Tennis shoes are also pretty cute now. From neon shades to pretty pastels, there are tons of ways to express your personality through your athletic shoes. But there’s actually one color that reigns supreme when it comes to dressing up a sneaker. White sneaks are the ultimate way to look like you’ve got your life together. Seriously, Pam Beesly didn’t win the Whitest Sneaker Award at the Dundies for nothing! Be like Pam Beesly.

But if you need more than just some references from The Office to convince you to try out this stellar fashion trend, then get clicking through the gallery above!

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