All About Olivia Munn's Controversial 'Crusades'-Inspired Met Gala Look

This year’s Met Gala red carpet had everyone talking, but the conversation turned controversial when it came to the inspiration behind one star’s look. Olivia Munn chose a gold chainmail H&M Conscious Collection dress and Michael Schmidt headpiece, that she revealed on Twitter was inspired by her “love of the Crusades.”

The reference to the two-hundred-year battle between the Muslims and the Christians for holy sites in the Middle East prompted a negative response on the social platform and Munn deleted the tweet.

“I’m guessing Olivia Munn said she was inspired by the Crusades because ‘decades of religious-based pillaging and murder’ was too long to easily roll off the tongue.”

Another user tweeted, “Never forget Olivia Muni’s love of the Crusades. They deleted the tweet but they can’t delete our memories.”

“What does Olivia Munn love about the Crusades pls explain??” says another user.

Despite the inspiration backlash, there was also a lot of love on social media for the glamorous look, which the star’s stylist Jessica Paster calls, “strong, feminine and fun.” These three elements also played a part in the construction of the dress. “The way that it’s designed, with the mesh and rings linked together resembled medieval armor,” says Paster.

“I LOVED Olivia Munn’s look!” one user tweeted, along with applause emojis.

Another user tweets, “YES OLIVIA MUNN YES” in enthusiastic all-caps.

Paster was happy that Munn got to play a huge part in the creation of the dress. “The great thing about working with H&M Conscious Collection is that Olivia collaborated on her look,” says Paster. “We got to do so many fittings and have the look turn out how we wanted.”

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The stylist also revealed something fun about the dress that you wouldn’t know by looking at it; the fabric is inside out. “Originally when H&M showed us the fabrication we saw the front of the mesh fabric which was going to be used for the gown,” she explains. “I turned it over and the reverse side looked more like the medieval metal armor fabric. I asked them to use the reverse side of the fabric, which is what you see as the dress.”

Her source of inspiration may have left some cratching their heads — but to others it was a look for the ages.

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