Parma Violet G&Ts are coming to a Wetherspoons near you

Gin lovers will be delighted to hear that the pub chain are officially rolling out a new kind of parma violet flavoured gin!

Zymurgorium Gin Co's Sweet Violet gin is already being served in a number of pubs already, with plans for it to hit all 900 branches.

A representative of Wetherspoons told Pretty 52 that all Wetherspoon pubs across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are now serving Sweet Violet from Zymurgorium Gin Co.

"The drink is always served with a mixer. From Wetherspoon's viewpoint it is an extension of its wide range of gins."

The Sweet Violet gin has pretty much granted all of our wishes and put it in a bottle, as it tastes just like the Parma Violet sweets.

The gin has already been available to purchase as a bottle for a while now, but it will set you back £24.99.

The Zymurgorium Gin Co have multiple different flavours available on their website, ranging from Rhubarb and Cranberry to Marmalade and even Turkish Delight gin!

The company who create the gin are based in Manchester and have other products on sale other than gin, and have vodkas and rum for sale too.

Whilst there will be no exact set price per glass for the Parma Violet flavoured G&T at Weatherspoons, we can be sure, knowing the chain's reputation, that the drink will be well within our budgets.


If you're all about the sweet gin, STARBURST-infused gin is now a thing!

And whilst you're sitting at the bar in Weatherspoons, drinking your G&T, you'll probably be wondering what the perfect kind of crisps are to go with your drink.

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