People are only just realizing a 'simple detail' they should remove before wearing new blazers and coats | The Sun

IT is likely that you or someone you know have been making a fashion faux pas when wearing your coats out for the first time.

Kelly McCoyd has shared a common fashion mistake she has made and constantly sees others make in the hopes of teaching people how to easily avoid it.

“As you get new blazers and coats this fall, always make sure that you avoid this fashion mistake,” she first said in her Instagram Reel.

“It’s such a small detail that can easily be overlooked on new blazers and coats, but it can really impact how the vents fall and move with your body as the clothing is worn,” she added in the caption.

Kelly wore a sophisticated outfit with a new black blazer for her demonstration.

“I recently got this blazer and I was planning to style it for a Reel when I realized I hadn’t cut the tacking stitch on the back vent,” she said.

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“I had actually worn it the day before and not even realized it,” she added.

Kelly explained what a tacking stitch was, showing the small “X” stitch on back of her blazer. The stitch holds the slit, or vent, together at the bottom of the jacket.

“This stitch is there to stop the vent or the hem from getting bent or folded up and wrinkled in the store or while being shipped,” she explained.

She also clarified in her caption that it’s only supposed to stay temporarily and be removed before wearing the jacket.

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She held up her blazer and grabbed a pair of scissors. “Simply cut the stitch and gently remove the threads to ensure that you won’t damage the clothing in the process of removing it,” she said.

When Kelly put the blazer back on, the material laid much more naturally on her body and over her curves.

“The vents should be able to freely move so that the hemline can fall appropriately and move with your body as you wear it,” she further explained.

“Always make sure that you do a double take on your new items so you don’t forget this simple detail,” Kelly concluded.

Her followers praised the helpful tip, saying that too many people don’t know about it.

“Thank you for posting this! I can’t tell you how many times I see people walking around with the vent on their jacket (or skirt!?) still there,” one person wrote.

Other people shared similar clothing hacks that often go unnoticed. 

“And men, get the brand label off the sleeve of your jacket! It’s only there to identify the brand as it hangs on a shop rack,” one wrote.

Another added: “Same with thread loops that ‘attach’ belts to dresses. Those aren’t real belt loops! They’re just so the belt stays attached to the dress in-store!”

The general consensus, approved by Kelly, was to keep a small scissor around to cut any extra threads around necklines, hemlines, and pockets too before wearing new pieces out.

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