People are flocking to this site to find out what song was number one on their 14th birthday for this weird reason

It's a pretty tall order, but apparently the tune could potentially "define your entire life", according to a theory doing the rounds on Twitter.

While admittedly pretty odd, the suggestion has become increasingly popular since it was put forward by Twitter user Swank0cean.

Their tweet – “I’ve just read that apparently the song that was number 1 on your 14th birthday defines your life" – has since gone viral.

It has received over 4,939 comments and 558 retweets.

So, it would seem our lives are in the hands of pop culture and musical history.

One user commented with the track Wild Wild West by Will Smith- which was top of the charts on his 14th birthday.

He didn’t seem too chuffed, and captioned his response with: “Kill me now."

Another wrote: "Unpretty – TLC… yikes," while one exclaimed: "Oh no! Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul."

One told how the song topping the charts on their 14th birthday was Hello by Lionel Richie, adding: "Hence my love of making weird clay heads and making odd phone calls."

Another user responded: “Right, so I was born in Scotland but lived in Australia until I was 15.

“It could be: New Kids on the Effing Block – The Right Stuff (UK), or Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time (Oz). Either way, I'm screwed."

While there was a general tone of dread among Twitter users after discovering their song, some were overjoyed by their discoveries.

“I Don’t Like Mondays – Boomtown Rats. Correct!” one user exclaimed.

You might feel inclined to flick through some old records to find your tune, but thankfully there is an easier way.

Simply, go onto this site and input the date of your 14th birthday. The number one track to appear will be the song which has, apparently, "defined your life".

Alternatively, you could try out this morbid theory.

To do what ThomedySci suggests, simply put the date of your 1st birthday into this site and scroll down to find the offending track.

Believe it or not, it's a fun and nostalgic way to scroll through all the best tunes from the decades!

Though with this theory in mind, we're not sure how we feel about The Final Countdown being in our first birthday top 10..

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Disclaimer: an Elton John classic is piqued at number one!

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