People are not happy about these necklaces… which they say 'romanticise' mental illness

People have taken to the web to air their grievances about the chains – which were created by US shop and proudly display the words Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar.

The necklaces cost £36 and come in both white and yellow gold.

They have proven popular, with some styles selling out online, but people are not happy about the idea.

"U can totally tell this is not for awareness", one woman tweeted.

"It's for 'fashion' and using mental illness for a fashion statement is offensive if u ask me".

While Ja'mie King wrote: "Yikes. Romanticizing mental illness is very uncool…even worse that you are doing it for profit."

"Necklace and accessories are fashion items, they're meant to be trendy," another user wrote.

"Mental illness aren't cool or cute Nor fun."

Despite the offence caused, the sentiment behind the necklaces is a good one – with 100 per cent of the profits going to charity Bring Change To Mind.

While's founder and chief creative officer Jen Gotch, who has bipolar disorder, insists the necklaces are about removing the stigma around mental illness.

"I know how challenging it can be both personally and professionally," she wrote on the website.

"It’s so important for us to open up a dialogue about how we are feeling and get to a place where we are comfortable asking for and receiving help.

"One thing we can all do is work to remove the stigmas associated with mental illness."

Because of this, the necklaces have divided opinion.

Tweeting, one Twitter user said: "Its just a bit odd to walk around with the word depression literally in gold around your neck as if its some kind of wonderful label for us.

"I appreciate the gesture tho! good luck!"

So where do you stand?

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