Piers Morgan blasts mum who says schools should ban tag because it’s too rough – The Sun

PIERS Morgan let rip at a single mum who defended banning tag after a school claimed it was too ‘rough’.

Good Morning Britain was debating scrapping the game in playgrounds, after a school in Brighton took the drastic step.

Co-host Piers slammed the decision to ban tag, with the school encouraging children to play games involving clapping or holding hands instead.

The move came after it was claimed children had been injured playing the game which was ‘too rough’.

Defending the decision, guest Amy Nickell said: “They’re working with these children every single day, they’re seeing the effects of these things and they’re making this decision based on things that have been going on in the school.”

But Piers snapped back, claiming children are being ‘wrapped up’ in cotton wool.

The 54-year-old said: “How do you think it prepares our young children for the real world when they’re not even allowed to play tag.

“We’re not allowed to win or lose in school anymore because of participation prizes. Now they can’t play tag.”

Amy interjected, saying: “Tag isn’t about winning or losing, it’s literally about one-upmanship.”

Continuing to make his point, Piers said: “I’m just pointing out we’re wrapping kids up in so much cotton wool we’re ill-preparing them for the real world.”

But Amy replied: “I’ve never played tag in an office.”

Siding with Piers, psychologist, Jo Hemmings said the game could be beneficial for kids.

She said: “As a child, a its fun, b you have to have, psychologists will say, you have to have a certain amount of risk in the games you play.

“Otherwise you do not learn resilience you do not learn coping skills, what tag does is release a burst of dopamine happy hormone, we want our kids to be happy.”

Still outraged, Piers blasted: “Why are we even debating this?

“This head teacher in Brighton is trying to be so virtue signalling, she’s now saying we can’t play tag, but she wants them to clap instead, but last week we were told that clapping causes anxiety.

“What do we do now?”

The decision to ban tag in schools has ignited a fierce debate online, with people claiming it was ‘madness’.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “Seriously? Banning tag in schools??? It’s not aggressive, it’s fun and burns energy!

“What is wrong with the world. My sons still plays it in high school!”

Another wrote: “Banning playground games is silly.

"I look at the scar on my left hand and don't remember the pain of nearly ripping my little finger off on a rusty nail but instead the fun we had playing games in playground bumps and scrapes are a part of childhood like games are.”

A third tweeted: “So a primary school in Brighton is banning tag in the playground and suggests clapping games or holding hands.

“How do the children at school release energy, get exercise and surely with a growing obesity problem we need to get children active.”

This person added: “Kids love to play anything! Whatever makes them being active for a period of time and away from indoors with a tablet, I’m on too.”

And someone else thought: “Wanting to ban tag now?! Why not sit the kids in the classroom wrapped in cotton wool.”


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