Plus-size bloggers are raving about Jennifer Aniston’s new film Dumpling on Netflix

Since going up on the streaming website, Dumplin’ has been praised by plus-size bloggers as being a revolution for fat representation.

In the movie, Jennifer Aniston plays a former Texas beauty queen, opposite actress Danielle Macdonald who stars as her teenage daughter Willowdean Dickson.

Willowdean, who is content with her body, feels angry about how larger women are portrayed in society and seeks to change the system.

She signs up for her mum’s Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant, which has never had a plus-sized applicant in its history.

The movie, which is an adaptation of Julie Murphy’s 2015 best-selling novel, has racked up 85 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes after its opening weekend, and numerous plus-size bloggers are singing its praises.

Speaking to Refinery29, Corissa Enneking from blog Fat Girl Flow, said that the movie is everything she needed as a teenager.

She said: “Dumplin' doesn't just show us that fat babes can face adversity, it shows us that they can be the star of their own life. It shows us that fat people don't just care about shrinking, or about desperately getting someone to love them."

These thoughts were echoed by blogger Danielle Vanier, who also gave it a glowing report.

The fashionista wrote: “Dumplin’ gave me, as a fat 32-year-old woman, everything I needed to see as a fat 16-year-old girl.

"Growing up a fat girl, in a world that detests fat bodies, was hard. It’s hard for those going through it now. To see my body represented in such a positive way is so rare. Dumplin’ is a beautiful film and I hope every fat person comes away from the film as uplifted as I am."

Meanwhile, Michaela Gingell, from Cardiffornia Gurl, said: "Dumplin’ is a film every fat girl needs to see.

"Showing that no matter your size or shape or the numbers on a scale, you’re capable of living a life you want and achieving what society says isn’t possible. A refreshing narrative that doesn’t put the fat girl at the butt of the joke, the third wheel friend, but shows how fat women are empowering, confident, and just as normal as any other female on the planet."

The movie has been hailed by some as more successful than Netflix’s Insatiable, which was slammed by critics as “an offensive mess” after its debut on TV earlier this year.

The 12 episode series was controversial before it even aired after the trailer featured fat shaming and implied that only thin people can be loved or successful.

Now the full series is up on Netflix, the reviews are in – and it’s not good news.
The Hollywood Reporter called the show “trite, way over the top, unfunny and a bloated mess”.

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