Poundland is selling a Victoria's Secret body mist dupe for just £1… and we want the lot

But even the most long-term fan of these fragrances would struggle to tell the difference between the original VS body mists and these Poundland dupes.

We had to do a double take when photos of these Poundland perfumes were first posted on the Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK Facebook group.

The Victoria’s Secret perfumes are usually £15.99 – although we reported earlier this week that they are currently on sale for £6.95 a bottle – but nothing is going to beat the price of a Poundland product.

For just £1 each – yes, you read that right – you can now snap up the whole Poundland range for less than the cost of one Victoria’s Secret original.

Total madness.

  • Body Mists, £6.95 from Victoria's Secret – buy now

Although the Victoria’s Secret packaging has since been updated (maybe to make it harder to copy), this Poundland range is almost identical to the way the fragrances used to look as well as including very similar scents.

Victoria’s Secret beauty fans should try out Poundland’s ‘Hot Temptation’ as a dupe for ‘Pure Seduction’ while ‘Summer Rain’ has definitely been inspired by the fruity floral ‘Aqua Kiss’.

Other than the amazing price point, the best thing about this Poundland range is the fact that they all go by the name ‘Secret Sass’.

Because who wouldn’t want to wear a perfume half as sassy as these?

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