Presley, Post and Beyond: 12 Celebs Who Made the Very Bold Move of Getting Face Tattoos

Justin Bieber

Celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy delicately inked “grace” in a script font above Bieber’s right eyebrow. The singer showed a glimpse of the tattoo back in July 2019 when he was spotted by paparazzi in Brooklyn, but the tattoo artist’s Instagram post was the first time the ink was shown up-close to the public.

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For proof that face tats can be dainty and adorable, look no further than the Manic singer. In 2018, Halsey added a queen of diamonds card symbol in front of her left ear, courtesy of tattoo artist NAL. She posted a photo of the ink on Instagram and called it her “first (and hopefully only lol) face tattoo.” However, it seems she’s since either removed the ink or decided to cover it with makeup. 

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The While We Wait singer also has a few face tattoos, which include two small dots under each of her eyes, a paper plane on her cheek and a Queen of Hearts card suit next to her ear. 

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Lil Pump

The “Gucci Gang” rapper has a green alien and a UFO on the top of his forehead. Between his eyebrows is an inked frowning face with “x” letters for eyes. And, though they’re not on his face, allow us to point you to all three Powerpuff Girls tatted on his neck. 

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Amber Rose

A mother’s love is forever — and so are the model’s forehead tattoos, which read “Slash” and “Bash.” The tats honor her sons, Sebastian “Bash” Taylor, 7, whom she shares with ex Wiz Khalifa, and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, 3 months, whom she shares with boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards. 

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Presley Gerber

The 20-year-old model has a new tattoo under his right eye that reads “MISUNDERSTOOD” in capital letters. Gerber shared an Instagram video of celeb artist Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena giving him the ink. Valena also shared photos of his work, captioning one photo “sorry mom,” perhaps referencing Gerber’s famous mother, runway legend Cindy Crawford. 

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Post Malone

You already know about the rapper’s signature “Always Tired” under-eye tattoos and the “Stay Away” message inked above his eyebrow, but in February 2020, the 24-year-old singer showed off a new face tat featuring a buzzsaw design and blood droplets. He unveiled his left cheekbone’s new look in a series of Instagram posts shared by tattoo artist @rubentattooartist. 

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The Game

The rapper honored Kobe Bryant in ink. The Game shared photos of himself getting Bryant’s former jersey number, No. 8, tattooed on his face on Instagram.

The design — which features the number 8 turned sideways to represent the infinity symbol — was inked by Glasgow-based tattoo artist Sile Sanda. “♾ F O R E V E R,” the rapper captioned the pictures.

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Lil Wayne

The rapper has several tattoos on his face, including a peace sign, the continent of Africa and the words “I Am Music.” The father of four, who released his 13th album, Funeral, in February 2020, also has the words “Fear God” written in a script font tattooed on his eyelids. 

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Lil Xan

The SoundCloud rapper, who briefly dated Noah Cyrus before their dramatic social media split, has three zs inked below his eye, right above the word “LOVER” in all caps. Lil Xan has another tattoo above his eye reading, “Memento Mori,” which translates to “Remember that you will die,” which paid tribute to Mac Miller after his death. 

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The Migos member has several face tats as well, but the sweetest one might be “Kulture,” the name of his daughter with wife Cardi B, in script font between his cheek and jawline. 

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Mike Tyson

You can’t talk about face tattoos without talking about Tyson. In his 2008 documentary, Tyson, the boxer said he got the tribal design on his face because he thought it was “cool,” according to Lad Bible. “I just thought it was hot,” he said.

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