Prince Harry found a ‘Pippa Middleton-replica’ in wife Meghan Markle, royal commentator claims  – The Sun

PRINCE Harry has gone for a “Pippa Middleton-replica” by marrying Meghan Markle, a royal commentator has claimed.

Showcasing their remarkably similar brunette tresses and chic styles, the two women were pictured side by side at Wimbledon last week – and it’s not just a love of tennis that they share.

Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said that after Prince William, 37, married Kate Middleton, also 37, in 2011, some fans speculated that Prince Harry, 34, and Kate’s sister Pippa, 35, could be a good match.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, he said: “After the Royal Wedding, there was a discussion there was something romantic between Harry and Pippa, which was incorrect.

“But it’s quite funny to think that Harry is now married to somebody who is quite similar in temperament, personality and bubbliness to Pippa.”

Duncan pointed out that two women are “quite similar characters”, thanks to their interests in wellness, exercise and rubbing shoulders with famous faces.

He said: “Pippa has happily dabbled in the celebrity world in a way that Kate hasn’t, which is to Kate’s credit.”

Meghan’s February baby shower in New York was attended by her famous pals Serena Williams, Amal Clooney and Suits co-star Abigail Cooper.

Meanwhile, Pippa’s star-studded wedding in May 2017 saw the likes of Roger Federer on the guest list, and she’s said to be pals with Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery.

Prince Harry was dating Meghan at the time of Pippa’s wedding, but the Middleton parents reportedly didn't want Meghan to attend in case she overshadowed the day.

In the end she was invited, but only attended the evening celebrations at the Middleton's home in Bucklebury after Prince Harry collected her from Kensington Palace.

Many royal fans have pointed out that Meghan and Pippa do share a likeness in their elegant hairdos, yoga-toned physiques and fashion styles.

Similarly to the Duchess of Sussex, Pippa prefers to wear her hair in simple, sleek styles, unlike Kate’s trademark bouncy blowdries.

And the two women have often been pictured in casual clothes, such as jeans, trousers and hats.

Speaking of her fashion before Suits, the then-actress Meghan told Glamour: “My sensibility had always been relaxed California girl style, and on any given day I was in jeans, cut-offs and flip-flops.”

Despite any similarities, a royal source told Fabulous Digital that Pippa puts family first and will never be close to Meghan following her alleged treatment of Kate.

The insider said: “On paper Pippa and Meghan seem like a match made in heaven, as they are both good cooks, enjoy exercise and are wealthy mums with small baby sons.

“Reality check is she is never going to be more than an American duchess married to Prince Harry who was hurtful to Pippa's sister and who wants to rewrite the rules for the monarchy in the 21st century.

“Pippa is way too savvy to fall for all of that. Pippa will be more than capable of dealing with Meghan.

“She is a seasoned old Marlburian brought up with good manners, clever and tough enough not to let light in on her sisterly frustrations with the Duchess of Sussex, particularly over the treatment Meghan meted out to Kate.”

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