Why Prince Harry keeps wearing the same blue suit… according to a menswear stylist

And while Prince Harry’s outfit will most likely be less dazzling, we may already know what he will be wearing.

The flame-haired royal seems to have a signature style, and has been sticking religiously to it over the past few years.

The 34-year-old is known to be a fan of a blue suit, in particular dark blue or navy, wearing it to multiple events over the years.

And not just casual functions, he has donned his trusty suit at a number of high-profile occasions such as his engagement photos to Meghan Markle and at the Anzac Day service in April.

Menswear stylist Lucas Armitage may have finally shed light on why the husband-to-be sticks to one look.

He said: “Prince Harry is demonstrating exactly what I love about modern menswear style, find a style that suits you and run with it.

“The bright navy has become his uniform, and this is ultimately because it's a style formula that works.”

Even though the royal can afford his fair share of suits, Lucas said he may be onto a winner.

He suggested: “Men take note – instead of having a wardrobe full of two pieces it's advisable to spend big on an immaculately tailored suit.

“To keep the look feeling fresh you can update with different shirts and ties.”

This in stark contrast to the female royals, who see outfits they step out in sold out within minutes.

But Prince Harry isn’t the only high profile man to stick to the same formula.

Former US president Barack Obama was said to have limited his wardrobe to only grey or blue suits, minimising the decisions he had to make on a daily basis.

And his wife Michelle revealed he wore the same tux for nearly 10 years without anybody noticing.

Another person who keeps a uniform look is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is said to have filled his wardrobe with the same 20 grey t-shirts, so as not to waste time picking an outfit.

With the wedding coming up this is who could make Prince Harry’s suit.

And Prince Harry has finally decided on who his best man will be.

After he marries Meghan Markle, this is what his title will be.

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