Prince Louis copied his dad over Jubilee to ‘follow protocol’ and avoid ‘criticism’

Princess Charlotte grabs hands of enthusiastic Prince Louis

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There are many protocols the Royal Family must follow when carrying out royal engagements – some are traditional and were put in place decades ago, while others are more modern. Some also apply to children. Prince Louis was seen following one such royal protocol during the Trooping the Colour parade on Thursday, June 2.

During the Trooping the Colour parade, it is tradition for members of the Royal Family to stand on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the action from above.

On Thursday, Louis joined his brother, George, sister, Charlotte, and parents to watch the parade.

The four-year-old’s outfit stood out as it was a striped blue and white sailor suit.

Interestingly, Prince William wore a very similar suit when he was two years old in 1985.

There are photographs of the young royal with his cousin, Zara, standing on the balcony during that year’s Trooping the Colour.

Many royal fans have noted both sailor suits are exactly the same, and, therefore, that Louis has inherited the outfit from his father.

It is not clear why the sailor suit was chosen for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, except for it being a sweet tribute to Prince William.

But, fashion expert and personal stylist Samantha Harman explained how wearing the suit meant Louis was able to follow royal protocol.

The suit was a two-piece top and shorts, and the latter is protocol for young boys to wear to royal events.

The sailor suit could also be a nod to other royal generations, making it a symbol perhaps for the continuation of the Crown.

Samantha explained: “Royals have a tradition of dressing children in nautical outfits – something that dates back to Queen Victoria.

“Edward VIII and George VI both wore sailor suits in official portraits as children.”

The fashion expert continued: “Nothing a royal wears is by accident, and every outfit would have been planned in advanced, including for the children.

“There are lots of royal dressing protocols that extend to the young royals, including that the younger boys wear shorts.

“Britain has a long naval history so it could be that the sailor outfits tradition is a nod to the Navy.”

Samantha added that the current cost-of-living crisis, as well as the fact the Jubilee cost the taxpayer a whopping £28million, could be another reason behind the choice of outfit.

The personal stylist said: “At a time of a cost-of-living crisis, the Royal Family would have been mindful not to attract further criticism.

“We all know kids outgrow outfits quickly, so it’s important to get as much wear from garments as possible.”

Louis’ siblings, George and Charlotte also wore blue for Trooping the Colour.

George donned a blue suit with a bright blue tie, while Charlotte wore a pale blue dress.

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