Princess Diana's dream of becoming a dance teacher quashed after ski accident, royal biographer reveals

Writing in his book, Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, royal author Andrew Morton revealed the late princess had to abandon the position after suffering from a severe ankle injury.

"Diana's mother took a hand in guiding her career," wrote Morton.

"She wrote to Miss Betty Vacani, the legendary dance teacher who taught three generations of royal children, and asked if there was a vacancy for a student ballet teacher at grade two level.

"There was. Diana passed her interview and, in the spring term, began at the Vacani dance studio on the Brompton Road.

"It neatly combined her love of children with her enjoyment of dance… she only lasted three months but for once it wasn't her fault."

Princess Diana combined a love of children and dancing"In March, her friend Mary-Ann Stewart-Richardson invited her to join her family on their skiing holiday in the French Alps," Morton continued.

"Diana fell badly on the ski slopes, tearing all the tendons in her left ankle.

"For three months she was in and out of plaster as the tendons slowly healed. It marked the end of her aspirations as a dance teacher."

Morton also revealed Diana had worked as a waitress, minded children and had taken part in a cookery course before turning her hand to teaching.

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