PSA: You Can Get Five of These Beautyblender Dupes for Just $9 at Amazon

When Beautyblender hit the market, it turned the beauty world upside down — the reusable, hot pink sponge instantly became iconic for its edgeless shape, which is now the go-to for makeup application. While the original, high-quality blender is hard to imitate, shoppers tend to look for dupes due to its whopping $20 retail price. (Remember, this is a tool you’re probably replacing every few months.) Fortunately, beauty fanatics seem to have found the perfect — and super affordable! — alternative on Amazon: the Beakey makeup sponge.

The sponges come in a set of five different colors for only $9 — that’s a major save compared to the Beautyblender, which would cost about $70 for five sponges. They’re made from non-latex and hypoallergenic materials, can be used for both liquid and powder makeup, and can easily be cleaned with gentle soap and warm water. Over 1,600 shoppers have left the blenders perfect five-star reviews, impressed by the quality of the sponges and surprised they work just as well as the Beautyblender. They’re so highly rated that they’re actually Amazon’s number one best-selling makeup sponges.

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“Such a good beauty blender dupe. Unless you’re particular, you won’t notice the difference between this and the real beauty blender. Like most people, I couldn’t rationalize spending $20 on a makeup sponge I’d have to replace every 3 months or so,” wrote one reviewer. “These are super soft, when wet they nearly double in size. They are great for applying pretty much EVERYTHING, and this price for 5 cannot be beat. They come exactly as described in all colors pictured. These would also make a great gift — my [best friend] nabbed one from me when she stayed over my place, and was impressed with the quality. She’s ordering some too, you should do the same.”

Buy It! Beakey 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set, $8.99;

Even many skeptics are won over by these colorful blenders once they test them out. One wrote, “At first I was skeptical of a cheap beauty blender, I mean $8 for something that would normally cost $20 is kind of ‘too good to be true.’ But after using these for a while, I have to say, they are amazing. Great at blending and doesn’t have that cheap, rubber feel that a lot of other beauty blender dupes have. Not a strong rubber smell, and didn’t hurt my skin. If you are looking for a cheaper beauty blender, I recommend this!”

At such a low price point, these makeup sponges are definitely worth trying out!

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