Pubic hair on or off? Mum sparks furious debate about the ‘right’ style down there

And with so many different methods – from shaving to waxing – women can get creative with their look.

But one mum has sparked a debate online about what’s the best shape and style to go for.

After discussing it with her friend, who claimed a Hollywood was best, she took to the internet to ask advice.

She posed on Netmums: “What’s everyone's preference for their pubic hair? Do you shave/wax

“Had a discussion with my mate who thinks fully shaved is the way forward but I disagree.

“I've always went for the bushy landing strip. Best of both worlds.”

Racking up a variety of responses, it seems opinion was divided with fully shaved and a landing strip coming out on top.

User Naomi R said: “I accidentally got a Hollywood a few months ago, I was mortified!

“Honestly I don’t understand why a man would find it attractive looking pre-pubescent down there!

“I just like to keep it tidy-wax as shaving gives me awful ingrown hairs, neat landing strip.”

And Stillconfused replied: “Reasonable sized triangle bush but all off underneath – my OH [other half] HATES the compeletly naked pre-teen look, and it’s kinda nice to have a triangle that feels more natural than a strip.”

This woman, Kizzy 79, preferred:  “A very skinny and trimmed landing strip, pubic hair makes me gag lol.”

While Hayley C said: “I prefer everything off from front to back.”

And Emma G takes advantage of when she’s by herself, saying: “Quick trim when OH is away, all off when he's back!”

Taking into her account her partner’s preference, Miranda E said: “I never bothered to shave or was when I was single but I do now as my husband l likes it.”

This woman liked to mix it up, revealing: “Varies massively. Full bush or completely smooth but I will go for months doing one and then switch to other.”

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