Queen Camilla opts for poignant brooch with no royal link – pictures

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Queen Camilla, 75, looked elegant today as the new Queen Consort. Camilla opted for a poignant brooch for the occasion, but what was it?

Many royal fans noticed that Camilla’s brooch looked to be in the shape of an insect.

For instance, Twitter user @LucindaLC said: “I’m so curious about Queen Camilla’s insect brooch.”

Similarly, @6ftmommy added: “What brooch is Camilla wearing? It reminds me of a twig.”

Another, @VienneseStrudel, commented: “Is Camilla wearing… a brooch shaped like a stick insect?”

According to The Court Jeweller, Camilla’s diamond brooch was in fact in the shape of a stick insect.

This “favourite” brooch of the Queen Consort’s, is said to be a gift from Major Bruce Shand, Camilla’s late father.

The former Duchess of Cornwall has reportedly worn the diamond brooch for memorials and any occasions to do with remembrance.

One key example was using it to secure her poppies on Remembrance Sunday in the past.

Camilla also appeared to accessorise with her diamond and pearl drop clip-on earrings which she is almost always wearing as her ears are unpierced.

The Queen Consort opted for the pearl choker necklace with a diamond clasp from her collection, which she has worn a few times already during this period of mourning.

For the sombre occasion, Camilla wore all-black, including a coat dress and an elegant hat.

Seated next to Camilla was the Princess of Wales, who was also dressed in dark colours.

Kate Middleton, 40, sported a delicate brooch and earrings that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty famously wore the pearl-drop set in 1997.

Kate, meanwhile, previously wore the earrings on Remembrance Day in 2020.

As Camilla and Kate rode in a town car, Prince William and Prince Harry marched alongside other members of the Royal Family behind Queen Elizabeth’s hearse.

Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Peter Phillips were also present. 

Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex followed the procession in a separate car.

The Duchess of Sussex also opted for jewellery which was a tribute to the late Queen.

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