Relive Jaden Smith’s Wildest Fashion Moments

Young and carefree! Jaden Smith has been on the scene for over a decade now so we’ve not only seen him grow up, we’ve seen him find his sense of style along the way. Not that he didn’t have some fashionable role models to look up to, namely parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. And while being one of Hollywood royalty does have huge benefits, Jaden, 20, has managed to work his way up on his own. From acting in movies since he was eight to releasing his own mixtape as a teen and hitting the fashion world as a young adult.

And you can see this creative flair play out in very unexpected ways. Often seen wearing androgynous outfits, his gender-fluid style was embraced by powerhouse Louis Vuitton who’ve made him the face of their womenswear collection in 2016. Jaden slayed in the campaign in which he modeled a skirt alongside other models. When he isn’t working it for high-end labels, he’s out indulging in his wildly unique fashion choices. In fact, he’s the king of wacky accessories – after all, he’s hit red carpets with certification plaques, bundles of real hair in hand and even an iguana!

Jaden’s super chill, yet creative vibe can definitely be seen throughout his style evolution. Scroll through to see how Jaden’s super chill yet creative vibe has evolved during the years. You better believe in addition to funky accessories he’s slayed in bold patterns, suits, dresses and funky tie-dye.

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