Rich kid, 21, breaks down in tears after ‘scary’ encounter with drunk on Romford high-street – but single mum claims it’s ‘normal’

THE daughter of a wealthy businessman is shocked when she sees a typical night on Romford high street and breaks down in tears.

University student Emily, 21, experiences how the other half live when she swaps her designer lifestyle to live with struggling single mum-of-two Kerrie, 29.

Emily reveals that she’s never had to worry about finances and grew up in a six-bedroom mansion with a gym in the wealthy rural village of Colston Basset in Nottinghamshire.

She reveals: “I had a pool, Jacuzzi, I was privately-educated and very privileged. The average property price around here is three quarters of a million.”

In tonight’s episode of Rich Kids Go Skint, she is plucked from her lavish cocoon to experience the gritty reality of council house life in Romford in east London – which has one of the highest crime rates in the country.

Emily reveals that she’s never checks price tags, and has a £8,000 Rolex, £15,000 diamond earrings and a handbag collection worth around £13,000.

She said: “I love my jewellery, I love my diamonds. I love being pampered. I think the other I spent about £300 on skincare. I think your image to a certain extend does reflect who you are.”

Meanwhile, surviving on next to nothing is care home team leader Kerrie, who lives in a two-bedroom council house with daughter Cara, 10, and son Alfie, one.

After her monthly outgoings with bills and rent, she has just £140 to live off each month, and luxuries are few and far between.

Leaving behind her idyllic country life, Emily gets a shock to the system when she is taken by Kerrie to wander around Romford on a bustling Friday night.

Feeling nervous, Emily said: “There are quite a lot of police around.”

Kerrie replied: “There will be, and this is quite mild.”

It’s not long before the sheltered country princess gets a first-hand experience of the hard-end of an urban high street, and it proves too much for her.

After a few drunk revellers are attracted by the cameras and tell her to “f*** off”, Emily starts to break down in tears.

Emily said: “The guy came up right behind me and it was then that I started to get really, really scared because you just don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in that situation before and fearing for my safety so much. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

“Things like that don’t happen in Colston Basset.”

Kerrie said: “Poor Emily, it shook her up, but in a way I’m kind of glad she’s seen what she saw. She kind of has insight as to what it’s like for us down here.

“That was tame compared to what we can usually get.”

Things don’t get better when Emily is forced to sleep on the sofa in the lounge of Kerrie home.

After surveying her bed for the night with bewilderment, she said: “I’ve never spent the night on the sofa before.”

And it’s a rough night ahead for Emily, who can’t sleep a wink due to the sound of the police sirens screeching past outside the council flat.

The next day, a bleary-eyed Emily said: “Sleeping next to a busy road was different, normally where I live it’s silence.”

Kerrie, who has only had two holidays in over a decade, reveals on the show that she often goes without so her kids can have what they need.

The hard-up mum admitted: “I do feel like I’m constantly borrowing money. If I haven’t got enough I do ask mum for money. It’s not nice.

“I don’t have much to spend on clothes and the most I spent was on a coat which was £80 and I felt really guilty.

“I have overcome so many obstacles along the way and I know I do the best for my kids.

“I very rarely have a treat for myself. Maybe once in a blue moon I’ll go and maybe get eyelashes done or buy myself a pair of shoes.”

Kerrie admitted to rich Emily that sometimes the pressure of paying the bills can cause her extreme stress and she’s even suffered from depression.

Emily says: “You are making me realise that my worries in life are nothing.”

Following the candid conversation, the student admits on camera: “I’ve never really met someone who is on such a low budget.

“I don’t know how anyone could live on so little money and never mind with children.

"You wouldn’t be able to go out and do anything nice, it would literally be survival.”

During a tour of the house, Emily is shocked at the tiny space compared to her vast country home.

The pampered youngster said: “In the house growing up the kitchen was quite big, we had an island in the middle and we had an aga as well, so it was one of those typically country homes.

“I had to move from the master bedroom as my clothes were getting too much. So the master room is now my dressing room.”

There’s no time for Emily to get relaxed as the pampered Rich Kid is to put work and challenged to shop for groceries to feed the family for the week on a £50 budget.

Having to look at price tags for the first time proved to be a challenge for Emily, who thinks champagne and chocolates are essential items on a tight shopping budget.

Although Emily came in under budget, Kerrie had some thoughts about the questionable purchases.

She said: “I couldn’t have justified spending £10 on chocolates and Prosecco for myself. I could have gone and got the kids something to put away for them or towards going out on a treat with them.”

Hearing first hand from Kerrie about her struggles to feed her family soon leaves Emily close to tears once again, and make her realise what a fortunate position she’s in.

Emily said: “The experience for was genuinely once in a lifetime and it’s made me realise my stresses are nothing compared to hers.”

Episode 8, Rich Kids Go Skint, 5Star, Tuesday 26th March, 9pm TBC

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