Rich Kid who flaunts his wealth on Instagram is hiding a BIG secret… can you guess what it is?

This posh guy happily poses propped up against extravagant fast cars, puffing on cigars and even lining his TOILET with $100 bills.

Only there's something not quite right about these images. Can you work out what it is?

That's actually not the child of some oil tycoon, but Stevie. Stevie from Sutton. He doesn't live in a mansion or drive a Ferrari or dive into a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.

In fact, the only thing that makes Stevie different from the majority of us is his balls of steel, as he proves that you don't to be loaded to be a "Rich Kid of Instagram", all you need is more front than Brighton.

Stevie joined Fabulous to help us find out if you can really fake it til you (hopefully) make it – and this is how we created the high-class illusion…

The car shot

Every self respecting Rich Kid of Instagram poses propped up against their flashy motor.

And Stevie is no different, only this isn't his car – this and the wheels above are owned by some affluent person who parked their car on the streets of Mayfair.

All you need to do is nonchalantly stroll over, lean in and get a mate to take your photo quickly before walking on.

The cigar shot

Cigars are a symbol of wealth right? A sure fire sign that someone is minted?

Not if you order the cheapest one you can find online and let the smoke cover the label.

This one cost £6 from Amazon.

The balcony shot

This stinking-rich party boy billionaire has clearly just rolled out of bed in his penthouse apartment.

Still in his dressing gown he's restarting the party on the balcony with a bottle of £700 Louis Roederer Cristal and a cheeky cigar. Right?

No of course not, that dummy bottle cost £19.95 from Amazon, the cigar is that cheapy one from before and the bathrobe is his mum's (seriously, the sleeves don't even fit).

The balcony is harder to fake though, so we headed up to the top of Fabulous towers in the centre of London. You could give it a go at any rooftop bar… if you're brave enough.

The hotel lobby

Those are the stairs at uber-luxe London hotel Claridges, well known A-lister haunt.

The trick here is to walk in with enough confidence and just sit on the stairs – it's all over before the doorman has a chance to ask to see your room card.

When challenged Stevie explained he was just going to the loo, which was totally true. See below.

The loo money shot

So if you made it past the doorman, you are now in the loo.

Once you've got the door shut, you've got all the time in the world to set up this shot. It's not like anyone can interrupt you in there.

These fake $100 notes were from eBay and set us back just £2.20.

The double watch shot

This one is a little trickier to mock up, but where there's a will there's a way and Stevie had the will.

First off he strode into an expensive watch shop and meandered into the Rolex section.

Next, with all the confidence of an heir to the British throne he asked to try two Rolexes, announcing that his rich father would be along later to buy the one he picked.

Slight snag is that the people in the shop don't let you put both on the same wrist in case they chip away at each other. Plus if you look close enough, you'll see the tags…

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