Sagittarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for April 25 – May 1


NOV 23 – DEC 21

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You’re a bundle of pure emotion and instinct as Mars fires up your unspoken connections chart. 

You can act on feelings now, however long you’ve had them yourself, or
sensed them in someone else.

Pluto spins around in your money chart so delays or diversions can happen – but bring a surprise new set of contacts too.

Love asks you to give more?  It’s worth it.

DESTINY DAYS: On Monday spend as much time outside as you can.  Read
something surprising on Wednesday. Contact an old flame on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS: Bright blue and white stripes.  A website with wings in its
logo. Initials the reverse of yours.

I CHING INSIGHT: There may be some storms ahead, according to your
symbol THUNDER – but they will unlock positive energy and leave the
future clean and bright.  So don’t hold back – dive in!

If you’re single, yes, someone you often clash with is also so attractive – and
love can happen. 

You’ll need to accept it won’t be simple or safe – but it will never be dull.  If you’re attached, instead of stopping, or turning back, when talking gets tough, try to keep going.

As you work through storms together, you’ll see new strengths and depths you both adore.

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