Sandro RTW Spring 2021

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Sandro delved into the Seventies and turned up some pretty funky knitwear. For women, crocheted tank-top-and-shorts combos, knit dresses and tie-dye tracksuits came in muddy browns, yellow, beige and army green, just as they used to, back in the day.

Brighter colors came with a flower-power print, complete with smiley faces, that was playful, if a tad stylized, applied to an airy collared shirt paired with drawstring shorts of the same material — a boyish cut for women. The label worked jeans with a very feminine touch, with high waists and flared at the bottom, embellished with studs.

Men’s looks were on the dressier side, slightly more arty than groovy, with fluid styles like loosely cut turtlenecks worn over long trousers. Suits came in a bold rust color; so, too, did a slick brown leather jacket.

Sandro RTW Spring 2021

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Labels in the accessible luxury space are upping their games these days — competition is as fierce as consumers are wary. It was interesting territory that Sandro staked out here, distinguishing itself by embracing its quirky side for women while pushing into dreamy territory for men. Symbolic, perhaps, of what goes on when urbanites take flight to the countryside with the arrival of warm weather — or after a lockdown period.

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