Sassy women deliver epic comebacks to creeps who overstep the mark online

But as these hilarious screen grabs prove, these men certainly messed with the wrong women.

From witty comebacks to prank pictures, these guys got some hilarious responses when they crossed the boundaries of normal dating behaviour.

One woman even replied with a photo of her dog yawning after being asked to "send a pic".

While another – who was asked for "nudes" – sent a hilarious snap of a hairless cat.

This is what happens when you overstep the mark…

Say it how it is

It's a dog's life

Great sexpectations


Heating up


The truth hurts


Mind your manners

Cat got your tongue?

Creative writing

Barking mad

Wrong number

Too much info

Food for thought

Small packages

All about the angles

This guy was floored

Blow your own trumpet

Dirty talk

Pictures can be deceiving

Sinking feeling

Mum's the word

Three's a crowd


Face the facts

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