Savvy mum shares clever boot hack for keeping cars organised on family days out to the beach

AS summer rolls around and the sun shines, a lot of families will be gearing up for days out – especially to the beach.

Shannon Doherty, a mum-of-four, shared her genius hack for getting your car organised for a day out at the shore on TikTok.

The busy mum asks: “Do you always feel like you’re forgetting things when you got to the beach?

“This is the ultimate mum hack.”

Shannon uses a plastic shoe organiser with plenty of pockets, cut it in half and hangs them over the head rest of the back seats of her car.

She begins to fill up the organiser with plenty of beach essentials, including sun cream, after sun, a hairbrush, baby wipes and a first aid kit.

Shannon then fills up the other organiser with an array of beach clothes, such as swimming costumes, hats, goggles – as well as water bottles, hand sanitiser and sunglasses.

She calls this hack the “ultimate game changer”.

People flooded into the comments to praise Shannon on her genius creation.

One user wrote: “Always forgetting something when I go to the beach!!! Great idea and saves so much space vertical in back of car.”

Another person said: “Don’t forget to pack baby powder. It helps the beach sand come off easily.”

One fan commented: “OMG thank you so much we’re going swimming tomorrow it will be so easy for my mum. I will tell her right now and tell her to get it read tysm (thank you so much).”

Shannon’s video has been watched over 88,900 times and amassed over 11,500 likes.

People praised Shannon’s invention as the perfect hack to get on top of busy family day’s out.

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