Savvy mums share clever Bingo challenge which helps parents save £1k for Christmas

THERE are just over six months before Christmas comes round again, and there could still be a chance to save some money ahead of the season.

Savvy mums are sharing their clever Bingo Saving challenge, which helps you to save £1,000 by the festive period.

Of course, the money-saving hack can also be used for anything – be a holiday or car – and the rules are fairly simple.

All you need is a piece of paper showing a grid with 26 boxes, with a number in each one.

Each box represents a week remaining in 2021.

Each week, you have to pick a box and then save the number of pounds shown.

An example shared online showed boxes with the lowest amount being £9 and the highest being £82.

Once you have paid the amount, either into a savings account or physically putting the cash aside, you can colour in the box.

Then you move onto the next box the following week until they are all coloured in and you have a whopping £1,096 stashed away.

Some weeks will be tougher than others, but it could be worth it to have a lump sum in December.

Many people praised the Bingo Saving Challenge, with one saying: “This is definitely the easiest way to save money and it’s a bit of fun.”

Another person added: “I have done this before and I barely missed the money.”

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