I scheduled weekly sex with my EX – and this is what happened

Of course, they don’t seem like terrible life decisions until you’re five months deep, having regular, scheduled sex and crying the kind of tears that would give Kim Kardashian a run for her money after you send him a sext and he replies, “good to know”.

He ignored my follow-up. After more silence, on Thursday night I asked, “what’s the go?” I got a reply two hours later telling me that he was completely booked up that week, sorry.

I expressed my annoyance, he apologised, we shifted gears and agreed on a set day going forward – Wednesday – to eliminate the need to coordinate each week. I put it in the iCal and we forged on ahead.

You will need to feel comfortable talking about their sex life outside the sex you are having them.

And you will need to be strong enough to field questions from your friends, like, “if he’s dating someone else, does this mean he’s ready for a relationship?”, or “how do you do this, isn’t it hard?”

One: It was too painful to admit the truth of this person never feeling the same way as me, or two: it was too painful to admit I had become the biggest cliche in the book, having scheduled sex – ‘friends with benefits’ – with someone, secretly hoping it would work out but knowing it never would.

This story was originally published on Whimn and is republished with permission.

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