Sephora’s New Bold Beauty Classes Will Offer Makeup Techniques For The Trans Community

I’m about to say something that lots of people might (but shouldn’t) find shocking: Makeup knows no gender boundaries. Yes, I’m serious. Regardless of your biological makeup (ha) or your gender identity, wearing makeup should be a personal choice everyone is allowed to make. And Sephora’s new Bold Beauty classes are making sure that those who want to wear makeup can do so confidently, specifically the trans community and non-binary individuals.

As part of their "Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community" initiative, Sephora is working hard to ensure that trans individuals and gender-nonconforming individuals are able to engage in the same areas of self-expression that so many cis-gender people do every day: through makeup. For this reason, the brand is launching Bold Beauty classes.

At 90 minutes long, these classes, which are totally complimentary, are interactive, meaning attendees can work with Sephora instructors to develop a personalized skin care and beauty regimen that best fits each individual, learn personalized techniques for applying makeup that help an individual achieve their desired look, and match complexion products to their unique skin tones. All in all, the goal of each class is to ensure attendees walk away feeling beautiful, confident in their own self-expression, and empowered to showcase their beauty in whatever way makes them happiest.

While everyone deserves to confidently express themselves whenever they want and wherever they go, not everyone may feel empowered in doing so or as if they have the knowledge and/or the tools to make it happen. It sounds to me like Bold Beauty classes are a powerful way to not only equip people with what they need to make their personal beauty dreams come to light, but to foster a sense of community among people who love the same thing.

Regardless of the way you choose to do it, to me, self-expression is invaluable. And regardless of your gender orientation, you deserve to feel feel your best always and to feel accepted in however you express yourself.

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