Shopper reveals her horror when she realises pretty beaded top makes it looks like her nipples are poking out

YOU can't always see what's right in front of your face – and one woman was horrified when she eventually realised her cute beaded top didn't look quite how she had imagined.

The top – which was embellished with pearl beads – made it look as though the woman's nipples were poking out of her zip-up hoodie.

Shared on a Reddit thread, the top has been dubbed as "the shirt you can't wear anything over, unless you want to look like you have permanent pokey nipples."

And Reddit users couldn't get over the fashion faux pas, with one shocked the top had been manufactured this way.

"Those designers absolutely knew what they were doing," they wrote.

"The amazing thing is this actually passed several people before it was sent to manufacturing and even STILL made its way into a store."

And it's not the only clothing fail innocent shoppers have fallen for.

From questionable prints to badly placed patterns, take a look at these bonkers styles.

Fluffy fail

Taking the mickey?

Poorly-placed pattern

Style stain-ment

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