Simon Cowell's surrounded by them & Adele swears they help stage fright – so what DO celebs' healing crystals really do?

IT'S the new-age craze celebs just love to rock – if they can afford the chunky price tag.

Over the weekend, Simon Cowell became the latest convert to 'healing crystals', as we revealed the X Factor star is surrounding his bed with precious stones to help him recover from his broken back.

The semi-precious rocks, which many believe can cure stress and anxiety and promote healing, are a must-have accessory for stars including Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston and Adele.

Spencer Pratt claims to have spent over £800,000 on his collection and famously surrounded wife Heidi Montag with £20,000 worth while she gave birth to their son – appropriately named Gunner Stone.

While many dismiss it as pseudoscience, psychic medium Chris Riley is a great believer in the power of crystals and says A-listers are especially drawn to them in times of trouble.

“We have all experienced a lot of pain and trauma the past 12 months, especially this year with regards to the current pandemic,” he says.

“I believe celebrities are opening their minds to other methods of guidance and healing which is why we are hearing of more people turning to crystals for answers or support.

Here we look at the Hollywood obsession with crystals, and what each gem is for.

Simon Cowell – Bone healing

The straight-talking X Factor judge seems an unlikely champion of the spiritual powers of stones.

But, since being laid up in hospital with a broken back, after falling off his electric bike in Malibu, it seems he’ll try anything to get back on his feet.

Partner Lauren Silverman, 43, seems to have introduced him to the trend, and the couple have various types dotted around their homes in London and Malibu.

Now Lauren has spaced them around his hospital room to speed his recovery.

A source told the Sun: “Two of his friends had searched out and delivered some powerful healing energy crystals which he has with him.”

Chris says: “Amethyst is helpful for releasing tension and pain. Alternatively, you can use Citrine or Jasper.

“To get the most out of your crystals, you can sleep with them under your pillow or place the stone directly on the painful area.”

Lauryn Goodman – Fertility boost

The 29-year-old became mum to footballer Kyle Walker’s baby Junior in April, and firmly believes a bracelet made from crystals helped her conceive.

The influencer suffered from the painful condition endometriosis, which affects fertility, and began wearing the jewellery eight months before her “miracle” pregnancy.

But critics have slammed her this week for selling the £32 jewellery on her Instagram page, with claims they have helped her followers fall pregnant.

Lauryn, who over 89,000 followers, wrote: “Four people now pregnant with miracle babies wearing my fertility pregnancy and childbirth bracelet.”

She also claimed the crystals help with sleep and depression and revealed baby Junior was wearing a Baltic Amber bracelet to help him with teething.

But fertility doctor Cesar Diaz-Garcia, Medial Director of the IVI Fertility Clinic in London, said: “These crystals can not have any effect on fertility, except for the placebo effect.

“The best it can do is help people emotionally because they believe it to be working.”

But Chris believes some crystals can help with fertility issues.

Chris says: “Amber is said to remove self-imposed obstacles and mental blockages. Moonstone is believed to strengthen feminine energy and cycle. Carnelian is believed to strengthen male fertility.”

Adele – Stage fright

Londoner Adele turned to crystals after suffering an attack of stage fright over her 2016 comeback tour.

The Hello singer says they helped calm her nerves after spending four years away from the spotlight looking after son Angelo, now seven.

"I was so nervous about my comeback show and I was panicking," she later revealed.

"I was out of practice and I was busy being a mum. But it was one of the best shows I've ever done and I had these bloody crystals in my hand."

In fact, she came to rely on her crystals so much she panicked when she lost them ahead of the 2016 Grammys, which she says "turned out to be the worst, most disastrous performance that I have ever done".

Chris says: “Lolite helps to remove anxiety and stress and turquoise helps us to flourish by strengthening our confidence to speak our truth and stand up for ourselves.”

Kylie Jenner – 'Orgasm ' stone

Whatever Kylie does, many will follow, and she has made her love of stones crystal clear.

But her favourite rock, Orgonite, has a less than pure past – having been linked to a sex cult and controversial ‘healing’ practices including orgies and screaming sessions to rid the body of bad energies.

In the 1930s, Dr Wilhem Reich believed that the blood-red and black stone contained a life healing energy and that contact with it promoted healing by orgasm.

His teachings spawned the 1990s Osho cult – as shown in Netflix hit Wild, Wild Country – whose members built an Orgonite sex box and practised rituals including ‘having sex like baboons’, primal screaming, and dance raves.

Chris says: "Orgonite assists with energy healing and it’s mostly used to bring better sleep, more energy and stronger immunity.

"Orgonite is also said to deepen meditation experiences and remove negative energies around you.

"Sometimes Orgonite is placed around computers and other electronic devices as it’s believed to protect against harmful radiation."

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt – Childbirth

Spencer was an early convert to the power of crystals, often holding them to his head to help with anger or anxiety on the reality show The Hills.

He told People he had spent £800,000 on them over the years.

Initially, wife Heidi was less enthusiastic, banning him from "using baby money to just be buying rocks," when she was pregnant with Gunner.

But after he set up a business selling crystals at £23 a pop, she apparently relented and allowed herself to be surrounded by £20,000 worth as she gave birth in October 2017.

Chris says: “Black Onyx is recommended for mothers-to-be as it is known to provide strength during labour, ensuring an easy childbirth.

"Sometimes mothers hold Black Onyx to help relieve pain, and speed up the process of labour.”

Shay Mitchell – LA celebration

Actress Shay Mitchell doesn’t just like crystals around her as she relaxes – she covers her body in them.

The You star marked the first anniversary of her life in Los Angeles, when she was eight months pregnant, by placing the healing stones on her baby bump and pinning down her splayed locks.

She and partner Matt Babel welcomed baby Atlas in November.

Chris says: “Crystals are believed to carry energies to help the mind, body and spirit.

“For example, Aquamarine is often used to treat headaches, insomnia and pregnancy relief."

Megan Fox – Exorcising 'demons'

The Transformers star has caught on to the trend to mark an important anniversary in her life – a decade since she played a possessed schoolgirl in Jennifer’s Body.

The stars was pictured with a giant crystal on her forehead and the caption: "Waiting on the shaman like…"

She explained: "In celebration of Jennifer’s Body’s 10th anniversary, I am just here cleansing any remaining demons out of my brain."

Chris says: “The closer the crystal is to the skin, the better the results.

“You can also wear crystals around your neck or wrist to either help with warding off bad energy or to remove anxiety and stress.”

Popular crystals and what believers say they do

Amethyst – Enhances your psychic ability and relieves insomnia.

Rose Quartz – Healing stone. Rose quartz helps to let go of emotional trauma, grief, and heartache. It encourages love, respect and trust.

Clear Quartz – Master healer stone. It amplifies energy by absorbing positive energy and releasing negativity. It helps with concentration.

Jasper – Promotes confidence and belief in yourself. Empowers us through times of pain and trauma.

Tiger's eye – If you’re needing a boost of energy or motivation then Tiger's eye is perfect for you. It can help get rid of fear and self-doubt. It is perfect for job interviews and times when you need to stand up and present something.

Moonstone – Its soothing and calming properties are ideal for combatting anxiety and anxious thoughts.

Turquoise – This stone is known for ridding the body and mind of insecure thoughts and feelings.

Amber – Is great for removing mental blockages and obstacles, leaving you with a clearer mind.

Carnelian – Strength and protection stone. It also has the added benefits of strengthening male fertility.

Aquamarine– A stone which most commonly helps treat and prevent pain.

Jennifer Aniston – New beginnings

The Friends star is often seen with a necklace made from Moonstone, which symbolises new beginnings and inner strength.

Chris says: “Moonstone is very calming, and it brings balance and cools down our emotions, helping to let go of stresses and worries.

"It helps us to also tap into our intuition and feelings and is said to enhance psychic insights and clairvoyant visions."


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