Simple make-up trick helps you get perfect winged eyeliner every time – and it only takes seconds

A PERFECTLY winged eyeliner is the holy grail when it comes to makeup, but as any beauty fan will agree, near impossible to achieve.

Well not anymore, as one TikTok user has shared her cheats way to achieving the perfect flick every time.

User elliemakeupartist took to her account where she shared her secret, and all you will need is your eyeliner, no fancy tools, no nothing.

She begins by marking three small vertical lines on her upper eyelid, one in the very centre, one at the corner and then one further one where you want your flick to finish.

Using her eyeliner pen she then draws a line from her inner corner to the top of the first line positioned in the centre – fill in that gap.

Repeat the process by drawing a line to join the top of the centre line to the one in the far corner before filling in and again between the very final line and the one in the far corner.

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It is as simple as that – a perfect en fleek flick every time, you’re welcome.

Unsurprisingly the video has gone viral, receiving more than 1.4 million views, with grateful fans thanking Ellie for the tip.

One wrote: “OMG WHAT THE? It’s that easy?! I’ve been trying my entire adult life.”

“Hang on… I think you may have just saved my life”, said another, with a third writing, “THANK YOU QUEEN.”

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