This simple trick will help your mascara last longer… no matter how dry it gets

Or wondered why your mascara isn't doing much for your eyelashes even though you only bought it two month ago?

According to beauty writer Sarah Seigel, the problem could be that your mascara has simply got a bit dry.

Her simple trick will take just 60 seconds and ensure you get all the mascara out of the tube.

Writing for Popsugar, Sarah said she’d discovered that the key to making your mascara last longer is water and heat.

Sarah explained that whenever her tube dries up and the wand becomes clumpy, she heats a mug of water and submerges her sealed bottle of mascara in it.

After roughly one minute, you can remove your mascara and the contents should have melted a little.

The beauty expert revealed that doing this allows the dried-out mascara to soften.

This will freshen up your product and help you get full value from it.

In a rush? Sarah’s got an answer for that too.

If you don’t have time to heat a mug of water and wait a minute for your mascara to loosen, Sarah suggests using saline solution like eye drops.

Simply pop a couple of drops inside the mascara bottle to help lubricate it.

Ultimately, experts recommend replacing your mascara every three to six months.

However, if you use an all-organic brand, you might need to change it more frequently due to the active ingredients used.

You can usually tell that your mascara needs changing when you no longer hear a ‘pop’ when you remove the want from the bottle.

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