Solange Teases 5 Different Looks For Met Gala 2018 — Which Should She Choose?

Solange Knowles may be a style icon, but it seems the singer just can’t make up her mind about which outfit to wear to the 2018 Met Gala. So, she teased a few different looks and asked her fans for help.

Solange Knowles, 31, just confirmed what many of us have long suspected. When it comes to big glamorous events like the Oscars and the Met Gala, it’s a nightmare trying to figure out what to wear – especially when the fashion stakes are so high. So, with just hours to go before one of the biggest nights on New York’s social calendar, she shared her frustration with fans on May 6 and did the unthinkable. Rather than surprise everyone with her red carpet look, she teased five different outfits that she was considering for the 2018 theme – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Solange tweeted, “Dead a** about to let y’all pick my met gala look cuz I can’t handle the anxiety rn (the theme is heavenly bodies, fashion and the catholic bodies).” (Yeah, we’d find that a challenge too Solange!) “Which saint shall I draw energy from and pull up to the function as?” she tweeted, according to BuzzFeed. And with that, Solange uploaded five different looks, featuring three different dresses. In two photos she rocked a strapless PVC-type black dress, with two thigh high splits. In one photo she paired that with a do-rag and in the other she rocked a peroxide blonde halo.

She whipped out the halo for her three other looks – two floor length ivory gowns, and one black two-piece, which showcased her torso and legs. They’re all stunning – a mix between naughty and nice, raunchy and saintly. Yet, Solange just couldn’t choose and even launched a Twitter poll to get her fans to make the decision for her.

But – shortly after she sparked a flurry of responses with her ballsy move – she deleted the whole Twitter thread, after one fan wrote, “Just do you, that’s it that’s all. Do you, there are no saints here on Earth.” And with that – poof – the poll was gone. Solange tweeted, “Thanks j s shaw. U right u right. Poll closed luh yall.” So what will Solange rock on the Met Gala red carpet? Your guess is as good as ours, y’all!

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