Stacey Solomon turns her rubbish including old jam jars into stunning vases – and it's SO easy to do

EVER gone to buy a bunch of flowers and then realised you don't have a vase for them to fit into? Because it happens to us a LOT.

Well rather than forking out a small fortune on vases of all different shapes and sizes, our go-to DIY inspiration Stacey Solomon has revealed how she makes them out of old bottles and jam jars.

Earlier this week, the mum-of-three shares a series of tutorials with her 4m Instagram followers.

To begin with, the star peeled off any labels from the bottles and washed them in warm water to get rid of any lingering glue.

Once they were dry, Stacey covered them bottles in tape and spray painted them white in her garden.

To create the chic effect, Stacey then finished off by peeling off the tape in a different way on each of the vases.

For instance, she left the middle section of the re-used olive oil bottle exposed and just removed the tape on the top of her old washing liquid container.

Offering up her top tip, Stacey added: "Masking tape is better because you can see it but all I had was [regular] tape."

Showing off the finished result, Stacey then popped her cut eucalyptus leaves and white flowers in her stylish DIY vases.

She wrote: "I need to make another one because all the flowers didn't fit but this made my day!"

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