Stephen Mulhern talks missing Ant McPartlin, Britain's Got Talent and meeting the Queen

HI, Stephen, are you a big bingo fan?

I love a game of bingo. My parents used to run a social club and I think that’s when I first got hold of a mic – to call out the numbers.

So did you do the whole “two fat ladies” thing?

You can’t say that any more. It’s not PC.

In For A Penny, your segment from Saturday Night Takeaway, is getting its own show. What’s been your favourite moment?

We had a game called Fish For Food where at the end of a rod was a steak bake and this lovely lady had to eat it without using her hands. She ended up with a beard of steak, but she won the grand!

You’ve been mates with Ant and Dec for ages, right?

Yeah, we met when we were all doing kids’ TV and now we live within five minutes of each other.

Is it nice to have Ant back?

It’s amazing. It’s like your brother has been away for a long time and now the family are back together. Ant and Dec are a double act and when you see them together, they spark off each other. Ant is on top form.

You’ve presented on BGMT for 13 years now. Why do you think it’s still going strong?

I think it’s the diversity. You go from someone eating glass to a singer to someone balancing on swords. You never know what’s going to walk out.

Who’s been your favourite act?

George Sampson. When he first auditioned he got a no, but he took the advice from the judges, came back and won the jackpot.

What dirt do you have on the judges?

I can tell you their secret snacks. Simon eats carrots. Alesha drinks this green sludge that looks like sewage. Amanda loves popcorn and David has melon.

Do you have any rituals when you’re doing live TV?

I always wear blue pants if I’m doing interviews or live TV.

Have you ever been starstruck?

When I was on the Royal Variety Performance, the Queen told me: “You’re a very amusing young man.”

What’s your ideal Saturday night?

A really nice Chinese takeaway – sweet and sour chicken balls, chow mein, a bit of duck and rice.

Do you have a special someone to share it with?

Not at the moment. There’s just no time for that.

Who’s been your fave co-presenter over the years?

Holly [Willoughby] is just perfect, she’s very kind. And Emma [Willis] is so honest. She’s the ideal friend.

You got ordained when Emma and Matt renewed their vows…

I did. My opening line was: “I was nervous when I put this speech together, but like most of Matt’s songs, someone wrote it for me.”

You’ve sawn Holly in half – who else would you like to do that to?

Piers Morgan. I think people would like to see that.

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