Swizzels launch retro push-up ice lollies to give us a taste of our childhood… and the Drumstick ones look the best

Whether it's reminiscing about Beanie Babies or talking about adverts from the '90s, we definitely have a soft spot for childhood.

Which is why we were thrilled to find that Swizzels has launched new push-up ice lollies in our favourite childhood sweet flavours.

Think the ease of a Calippo but with flavours like Drumstick and Refreshers – they're seriously old-school.

We know how we'll be keeping cool this weekend.

Pick them up at Morrisons – it's £1 for a box of five which is such a bargain, we're going to stock up.

They'll take you nicely through the royal wedding and into the bank holiday.


You could go retro with your outfit, too.

Love Heart ice lollies are also a thing.

Here's what adults most miss from childhood.




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