Teen mortified after accidentally sending rude message meant for her boyfriend to university LECTURER

PEOPLE have been caught out time and again by accidentally sending a saucy text or picture to their friend or even their mum.

However, one young woman got the shock of her life when she accidentally sent a picture of herself with the caption “punish me daddy” to her university lecturer.

She told Reddit that she was left mortified after innocently mixing up her boyfriend and lecturer's contacts.

The woman explained her boyfriend and lecturer have the same name and so are next to each other in her contacts list.

The only thing differentiating them is the addition of her college’s name after her professor’s name.

She had been browsing around a bookstore after classes and had come across a trashy book in the romance section.

One book had its two protagonists playing pool on its front cover, where the woman loses and tells the man to “please punish me, daddy”.

After buying the book as a joke, she emulated the scenario for the picture before hitting the send button.

It was only after the message had been read by her lecturer did she realise her mistake.

But she realised too late.

Before being able to delete the highly inappropriate message, she saw the two blue ticks on the message – meaning it had already been read.

Being beyond mortified with herself, she knew that her teacher could have reported her for breaking student-teacher protocol.

Scrambling to rectify her blunder, she texted her lecturer the next day to apologize and explain that it was an accident.

He replied: “It's very disruptive to the hallowed student teacher relationship and I do NOT condone this kind of behaviour.”

People flocked into the comments to say the lecturer had missed an ample opportunity to “punish” her for the mistake.

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