'That sensuality is what I've been seeing in her' – Saoirse Ronan's stylist on her maturing awards season style

Saoirse Ronan’s stylist says they will embrace her “sensuality” through her personal style during awards season.

Earlier this week, it was announced that 25-year-old Saoirse had earned her fourth Oscar nomination and will once again be one of the most-watched stars on the red carpet over the coming weeks. While promoting her role as Jo March in Little Women last month, she set the tone for a new sense of grown-up glamour as she enters the next phase of her career – as a master of her craft despite her young age.

“The evolution is someone who has grown in confidence, who understands what they like and what they don’t like, and are willing to take some risks,” said Elizabeth Saltzman, Saoirse’s long-serving high-powered Hollywood stylist, in an exclusive interview with Vogue.

Their bond is so secure that in 2018, they appeared together on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter with Saoirse crediting Elizabeth with allowing her to extend the exploration of her creative side off-screen; and subsequently landing on the top of best dressed lists around the world.

While Saoirse is long established as one of the most exciting women to watch on the red carpet, her shimmering Hedi Slimane dress at this year’s Golden Globes was a marked departure for her; a boomerang into the direction of a more mature style.

“We went sensual versus what we normally do, and that sensuality is what I have been seeing in her,” Saltzman explained. “I really based it off of her beauty and skin.”

At the Critic’s Choice Awards this month, it was another surprise in the form of a floral Erdem ruffled semi-sheer dress. But in an era of sustainability and consumer responsibility, both see the value in vintage and shopping Saoirse’s closet for events, and not exclusively using labels based on existing contracts and brand ambassador roles.

Saltzman says her main role is to ensure Saoirse’s sense of empowerment extends beyond her work, which is regarded as being among the – if not the – finest of her generation.

“She paints such an extraordinary picture [in films] that you forget who you’re watching, you believe it’s the character. I want her to have the same fun and feeling on the carpet.”

Ronan and her Little Women co-star Florence Pugh have been nominated for Academy Awards this year, but director Greta Gerwig was snubbed, and both said they were confused about the lack of recognition for Gerwig’s work in the director category.

“I feel like if you’ve been nominated for best picture, you have essentially been nominated for best director. But to me, Greta, since she started, has made two perfect films, and I hope when she makes her next perfect movie, she gets recognised for everything, because I think she’s one of the most important filmmakers of our time,” Saoirse said in an interview after the nominations were announced.

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