The best spring color trends of 2019: Here’s what to buy

Just hue it! Put some spring in your style with the coolest colors of the season — lavender, green, yellow and coral — according to The Post’s fashion gurus.

Luscious lavender

Pale purple reigns this season, especially when styled in unexpected ways. Think femme silky midi skirts paired with comfy sneakers or a sporty cropped hoodie alongside a sweet gingham purse (the classic check is also a trend this season). There’s even a fab hair and body shimmer in the oft-dainty hue, if you’re keen to unleash your inner unicorn. — Anahita Moussavian

Envy-inducing green

Though slime green took over celebrity wardrobes earlier this year (looking at you, Kardashians), that crazy-bold neon shade isn’t for everyone. Right now, though, a garden variety of greens are hot: Mix up all the tones — shimmering emerald, subdued sage and cool mint — from head to toe, and top it all off with a slick of grass-green eyeliner. — Nicole Zane

Radiant yellow

The primary color most commonly associated with smiley faces and sunflowers is currently shining in a cheery range of shades, including major marigold and zesty lemon. No matter your choice, make it look brighter (and even more versatile) by rocking it with vibrant hits of violet, cobalt and hot pink. Cheery, but with a pumped-up kick. — Bree Bonagofsky

Poppy coral

Whoever said orange is the new pink… should seriously meet coral! “Living Coral” is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and though it’s easily wearable as a beauty moment — as a cheek stain or a mani — keep it extra-fresh by picking pieces in sporty shapes, like a classic tee or athletic shorts. — Sarah Conboy

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