The most hilarious tweets of all time revealed – and they are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud

IT’S almost 13 years since Twitter first hit the web and since then there have been millions of hashtags, trends and viral tweets.

And while there are plenty of trolls to be found online, there are just as many comedians to be had.

Whether they’re cheeky celebrity digs, or just plain punny – these are sure to make you crack a smile.

Here Fabulous Digital looks at some of the most hilarious tweets of the past decade, and they’re guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

He's Blunt

Wizard laughs

Lime laughing

Zero fox given

Oh sugar

Space up your life

Cleaning up


Here we go again

Don't go breakin' my heart

Jesus wept

Cool tunes


Nobody puts baby in the washing machine

He's punching

Dog damn it

Bear-nedict Cumberbatch

Moniker mix-up

Handyman Harry

Frosty reception

Do not disturb

Mind the gal

Novel idea

Give it a rest

What are you looking at


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