The Queen is looking for someone to care for her horses – and you’ll get PAID £22K to live at Buckingham Palace – The Sun

THE QUEEN is on the hunt for someone to take care of her treasured horses – and you’ll be paid to live at Buckingham Palace.

The vacancy for a “Liveried Helper” was posted earlier this month and the successful candidate will be based at the Royal Mews.

The full-time position will pay £22,400 per annum with accommodation provided in the palace quarters.

You will be responsible for the upkeep and daily care of the animals at the Royal Mews by exercising them, training them and preparing them for ceremonial activities.

As well as caring for the horses themselves, you will also be responsible for making sure the stables are in tip top condition including cleaning saddlery and harnesses.

The palace is looking for someone with a passion for equine, and you will need to be a competent rider and experience of driving a carriage is desired.

The role will also provide the opportunity to take part in ceremonial activities yourself.

The desired candidate must “feel inspired to deliver to the highest standards, helping to present ceremonial activities that are enjoyed by millions.

“Knowing that your horses are ready to perform on the world stage.”

You can apply for the role on the Royal Household website.

The role is certainly an important one with the Queen a well-known horse-lover.

As well as the ceremonial horses at Buckingham Palace she also owns several Fell Ponies at her home of Windsor Castle.

And at the grand old age of 93 she is often seen riding horses over the estate’s rugged terrain.

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