The Santa Straddle is day 18’s sex position in our frisky festive countdown

As recommended by Bustle, start by having your partner lying on his back with his right leg bent.

Facing away from them in the reverse cowgirl position, straddle his thigh and slide up and down on top of him.

Not only does this steamy position lend itself to deeper penetration, it also allows you to set your own pace… with your guy eyeing you up from below all the while.

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What's more, a position like this calls for a helping handful of lubricant.

And just when you thought your sex life couldn't get any more festive, be sure to invest in some chocolate orange flavoured lube.

Let's be honest, it makes a welcome change to a stocking full of Terry's. Right?

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And if this festive position isn't steamy enough, why not take things up a notch with a blindfold?

Whether you fancy covering your partner's eyes while you tease him with this move or give it a go yourself, this red satin blindfold from Love Honey is a total bedroom must-have.

For more sex position inspiration, the Festive Wreath position is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas.

And end your day with a bang with the Christmas Cracker sex position.

Plus the Gift Wrapped sex position is the present that just keeps giving.

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