The seven unanswered questions from Bodyguard’s final episode, including who was Vicky Budd’s boyfriend and what was Richard Longcross up to?

While the action-packed episode left fans desperate for a second series, there were also a lot of unanswered questions from the dramatic season finale.

The BBC1 smash hit saw seemingly-timid jihadi bride Nadia revealed as the bombmaker and supplier behind the explosive that killed Julia.

Crime boss Luke Aitkens was found to be the man behind the attack, as he wanted Julia out the way to prevent powers being transferred to the security service – which could be detrimental to his illegal activity.

And it turns out the elusive Longcross was helping Julia usurp the PM and was providing information that could ruin his career and reputation – but there were still a few loose ends that viewers felt weren’t tied up.

Here are some of the biggest unanswered questions from the show…

1. How did Nadia supply the bombs when she was in jail?

Viewers will recall that Nadia had been in police custody since episode one after the “failed” bomb attack on the train that was interrupted by David Budd.

So how did crime boss Luke Aitkens manage to buy a bomb from her when she was locked away?

She boasts in the show: “I built all the bombs. I am an engineer. I am a jihadi.”

Budd had previously tried to build a rapport with her on the train and given up the names and ages of his children to do so. So how did Nadia manage to pass on all of the vital details to her terror cell from prison?

2. How did Aitkens know Nadia?

Luke Aitkens and Nadia were in cahoots, with Nadia claiming she supplied the bomb to the crime boss in order for him to remove Julia.

But what was the connection there? How did they meet and keep up communication?

3. What was Richard Longcross up to?

David Budd spent the best part of the season trying to track down MI5 agent Longcross, and managed to get him brought in by police during the suicide bomb drama.

But did we really get the conclusion we craved from this shady character? And was he a red herring?

He was released by a court order in the finale and if the series gets renewed for a second series, he'll surely have a big part to play for the secret services.

4. How did David get to Chanel’s flat undetected?

After a tense sequence with Budd managing to successfully deactivate the bomb jacket that was strapped to him, he scarpered from the scene.

Despite being surrounded by numerous police, and earlier on a helicopter, he still managed to travel undetected to Chanel’s fancy London flat.

He appeared inside the posh apartment that would no doubt be inside a building peppered with security cameras.

And while we are on the topic of Chanel, how was she linked to Luke Aitkens, why was she working with him and were they romantically involved?

5. When did David Budd move the tablet to the graveyard?

MI5 were desperate to get their hands back on the juicy kompromat, but Budd got there first.

In episode five, he storms over to Julia’s flat and instantly retrieves the device from behind a photo of her hanging out with David Cameron.

He knew the picture was there due to Julia referring to the photo once as “That was us, plotting to build the Death Star”, and then later saying to him “If I don’t come back, go to the Death Star.”

Budd placed the kompromat inside the boiler and then took his gun to meet Chanel, where he was knocked out and placed in the vest.

But when it came to giving up the tablet to the police it was buried in a graveyard, so when did he have to time to move it?

And another thing that doesn’t quite add up is Julia was told the top secret information on the kompromat would disappear after 48 hours.

But it was still there weeks later when Richard found it and handed it over. Why?

6. What is new Home Sec Mike Travis up to?

It seems conspiracy was operating on both sides as while the Home Secretary and MI5 were plotting to get rid of the PM, Mike Travis, Roger Penhaligon and Rob Macdonald were trying to stop her.

After Julia’s death, Mike got the big job, but was there more to Mike that meets the eye and does he know more than he let on?

He seemed to know Budd was the "fall guy" and the last we saw of him, on the phone to MI5 chief Stephen Hunter-Dunn, he definitely still seemed twitchy.

7. Who was Vicky Budd’s boyfriend?

The new chap of Vicky Budd was frequently mentioned but never seen in the series – so why was he mysteriously absent?

Budd even asked Vicky if he would be a good dad, and brought him up in the crucial moment when he was trying to remove the suicide bomb from his chest.

Was it a character we already know and was there more to the storyline than meets the eye?

It appears the Budd couple have reunited for a happy ending at the end of the finale, but will the former lover come back on the scene if the show is renewed for a second series?

Other questions that need answering:

  • How did Luke meet the ex-army man Andy Apsted – did he know the connection to Budd?
  • Did Lorraine Craddock know that Budd and Andy Apsted were friends from the beginning? She said he was picked because he was a "fall guy from the beginning", suggesting she knew more about him than she let on.
  • Was it purely by chance that Budd and Andy were former army buddies?
  • Why did Budd’s colleague Tom Fenton not appear in the final episode?
  • And finally, is Julia still alive? Is there a reason we have never seen her body? Viewers seem to think so.

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