The startling body shape transformations of Victoria’s Secret models – from natural big boobs in the Nineties to using chicken fillets now

But their bodies looked comparatively different to the models who were walking the same runway 20 years ago.

The show has always divided fans with its decision to focus on 'perfect' – and arguably, unobtainable – body shapes, with the models adhering to a very strict diet and exercise regime in the run-up to ensure their bodies are in peak condition.

The idea of body perfection has shifted over time since the first show in 1995 – but one aspect is unchanged: the models' Brazilian waxes.

Immaculate bikini areas have been present since the mid-90s yet there have been noticeable changes to the Angels' bodies.

Here, Sun Online looks at how the constantly shifting perceptions of sex appeal and body image has shaped Victoria’s Secret models over the last twenty years.

'Curve' appeal

Year: 1998 

Vital stats: Chest, 36, waist, 23 and hips, 36

Model behaviour: The Nineties was the era of the original supermodel set, including Naomi Campbell.

And there's no denying when the sultry model, now 48, looked stunning when she graced the runway in 1998, modelling leopard print knickers and a purple lace bra.

While models have always been tall and slender by typical standards, Dr Dan Marsh and Mr Mo Akhavani from The Plastic Surgery Group, say that when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret models of the late Nineties, the greatest difference was their more 'curvy' figures.

Dr Marsh tells Sun Online: “Supermodels of the 90s like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Karen Mulder were always tall and slim, but they had more of an hourglass, attainable body shape.

"This promoted a healthier body image and looked womanly. Tyra was the ideal body shape on the runway for VS.”

Top self-confidence coach Ben Edwards adds: “The model in 1998 has a healthier body [than today's]." 

It’s believed that Victoria’s Secret's decision to make these particular supermodels faces of its iconic brand stemmed from the public’s fascination with overtly sexy pin ups of the 90s.

Stars such as Baywatch actress and Playboy model Pamela Anderson were considered some of the most desirable females at the time.  

“Pamela sported large ‘unrealistic’ high breast implants with a small, yet curvy waist and slim toned legs,” explains Dr Marsh.

“The look became trendy and we were bombarded with the stereotype on screen and in lads' mags. When patients asked for breast implants, Pamela Anderson’s look was the most requested.”

'The pursuit for thinness'

Year: 2008

Vital statistics: Chest, 34, waist, 24 and hips, 36

Explanation: A decade later and the VS models sported an even more slender frame than the generation before.

The models in this decade are more toned, with more defined six-packs. There's not an ounce of fat on them.

Self confidence expert Ben Edwards says: "The models in these pictures all have vastly different physiques.

"Over the years, it seems the female body composition mirror a pursuit for thinness, in line with the models gradually becoming much smaller."

Supermodel Heidi Klum, now 45, was one on the top girls to hit the stage.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Year: 2018

Vital statistics: Chest, 32, waist, 22 and hips, 32

Explanation: Fast forward 2018's show with the likes of Gigi Hadid baring her washboard stomach and slender legs in thigh-high boots and matching tartan lingerie – and experts say the models are skinnier than ever.

“A more boyish, strong, slim athletic look is sported here, which has become famous and made vastly popular by social media sites such as Instagram and influencers who ‘eat clean’ and exercise religiously,” says Dr Marsh.

He added: “I believe we’re seeing a far smaller breast size of around 32, waist around 22 and hips around 32.

"There are no curves to speak off and I’d suggest good push-up bras and chicken fillets are being used to create a shapelier look for the shows.

"These girls clearly work hard exercising and eating a high protein low fat diet to strip away fat from the body.”

Meanwhile, Coach Ben believes the image is worrying, adding that the endless glamorising of waif-like models amongst the more high fashion brands has now indelibly seeped into the mainstream.

“You can see the pelvis line and very little muscle mass. It’s likely that the model is a size zero,” he says.

“As models like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have filled our magazines over the past 10 years, many young women have been left idolising these slender celebrities.

"Over the years, it seems that female body composition averages mirror a pursuit for thinness, in line with models gradually becoming much smaller.

It’s important to embrace who you are and live a healthy lifestyle, remembering that the fashion industry isn’t always a realistic representation of femininity.”

Kate Moss famously said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" and it seems the even though many body positive models are making waves in some parts of the fashion world, this mantra still rings true on the Victoria's Secret catwalk. 

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