The ‘Thunderstorm’ is the sex position couples are loving and it’ll leave you trembling with pleasure

AS we're sure all those with a thunderstorms phobia will agree, even the slightest amount of rain can leave you feeling faint.

Well if you're looking to tackle your fears once and for all, then you might want to give this steamy sex position a go.

And it's bound to leave you trembling… but in a good way this time.

Aptly named "The Thunderstorm", this move involves the woman leaning over a table while standing on her tip-toes with her legs apart.

Granted, this sex position is much easier for us girls – as the man has to stand behind and lift his leg up onto the table.

While you grip onto the table for support, your partner holds onto your waist while you rock back and forth together.

And trust us, you're guaranteed to forget all about the thunder and lighting outside.

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