There's a 'spider monkey' sex position which involves the woman doing a HEADSTAND

We've seen a whole host of racy new sex positions take the internet by storm over the past few weeks, ranging from The Snail to the Butter Churner – we know, sounds so romantic, right?

But this new bizarre hook-up position is possibly the weirdest yet, and we can't quite get our heads around it – literally.

If you're up for getting a bit experimental in the bedroom (and happen to be a dab hand at yoga), this could be the perfect saucy position for you.

It's called the Spider Monkey – and it looks as odd as it sounds.

The position, according to the website (be warned, NSFW), involves the bloke standing up with his back to the woman, who is doing a headstand behind him.

It explains that the legs of the female partner "are bent at the knees and spread on sides", while the male partner "takes his mistress on her feet with his hands, helping her in such a way to be in this position".

Sounds easy peasy. Not.

Somehow, penetration then happens – and apparently, it's deep.

We'd normally recommend not trying this at home, but if you must give it a go, we're not sure where else you'd do it. So, just be careful.

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