These Giant Scrunchies Are About to Take Over Instagram

From barrettes to bejeweled bobby pins, headbands, and scrunchies, nostalgic hair accessories have been having a moment. But if you thought the current scrunchie revival may be slowing down, think again. The trend is only getting bigger, better, and more extra, thanks to a crop of organza, cloudlike scrunchies taking over Instagram.

The new wave of hair accessories doesn’t helm from one of fashion’s buzzy It brands but from an under-the-radar showroom called Room Shop Vintage in Philadelphia. The newly opened space boasts a cool curation of vintage pieces, along with its own collection of sustainable, supersized scrunchies made from deadstock and recycled or discontinued fabrics.

Offered up in a range of colors from pink to tie-dye to this season’s new lime green trend, the poufed organza designs are nothing like the scrunchies of the ’80s and ’90s. Ideal for those who bask in the art of being extra, the over-the-top scrunchies are (unsurprisingly) already starting to take over Instagram.

The scrunchie creations come from the husband-and-wife duo behind Room Shop Vintage, Shelly and Drew Horst. After quitting their jobs in retail, the couple began selling vintage finds from their road trips across the country. Their curation of pieces was so in demand, they opened a store/showroom in South Philly’s Bok building. The dreamy space is now home to the scrunchies, along with the store’s selection of vintage apparel, bags, and accessories.

Room Shop’s cloud scrunchies come in two sizes: the large, regular size, which retails for $20; and the mini cloud (for those who want to be a little less extra), which retails for $12. Philly may be best known for its history, cheesesteaks, and die-hard sports fans, but it may be time to add giant cloud scrunchies to the list too. For those not located in the area, the scrunchies are also available to shop online at
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